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How is the class and an hour working ?


1. After you have registered for a language course and paid for the course period, you will receive an invitation by email to register as an official student at and thus have a member account.

2. With the member account you can go to the overview of the course events under many other functions and there you can freely choose and reserve or book your courses at the desired days and times.

3. Before the start of the course, you will receive an email invitation for your chosen course. You click a link and you are in the virtual classroom.

4. No software or application is required. The virtual classroom cockpit runs in any internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla etc.)
It is a video conference system specially for education and is attended by over 10 thousand. Universities. You can also find more information from a system provider:


The virtual classroom


The virtual classroom

1. You can hide your own video picture background and swap it for cool virtual backgrounds. You yourself stay in the picture and are now in front of the Eiffel Tower a cool beach or a background that you can add yourself. As you know from Apple Photo Booth. It works perfectly.

2. There are a number of arrangements for arranging the teacher, the blackboard and the other students in their windows on their own screens.

3. In addition, there are a number of personal settings that can be made to optimally perceive the conference.

4. You can also temporarily pause the transmission of your own video image or sound / microphone, if necessary.

5. In any case, headphones are recommended as they complete the experience and intensity of being in another room.

make yourself comfortable in the classroom

Let's go - the lesson begins


Everyone hears and sees everyone live - that's for sure!
The teacher in the large picture starts the lesson and moderates it in the classic way.

There is also a main window with the additional function:
the virtual board (whiteboard)

- The teacher writes something on the board that everyone can see and every student can also write something on the board. The board is freehand like any normal board.

- he can also display a file on the board, such as a picture that everyone immediately sees on the board. This can also be written on by hand.


- he can also project his own screen on the blackboard to present something.

Every student also has each of these functions.

Additional function: Raise your hand - you can click Raise your hand in the menu of your own conference cockpit - a funny emoji is now displayed in my window on the screens of the other participants, including that of the teacher, and he can take my turn.

Additional function chat - you can send a chat to everyone or to individual classmates. This is very useful if you e.g. want to ask your neighbors something that you don’t have to ask the whole class at the conference because it’s not relevant to everyone.

this is how modern and effective teaching works



This form of teaching in the virtual classroom to learn a new language is not only great fun, but also leaves hardly any gaps when visiting a physical classroom.
Many new options and functions are available for this.

Classes take place in small groups and since headsets are normally used, the participants are fully audiovisually focused on the action and very well concentrated.

The mixture of fun and concentration and a lot of communication leads to a very good learning result.

Most of the generation "Au-Pair" grew up with digital media and not only loves them, but is also practiced and adept at using them.




All course participants and all registered members also stay in contact outside of the courses via our member area and can communicate with each other.

Likewise, members from the same region in which an au pair lives or members from the same home country can be found and you can e.g. arrange a private meeting or attend the same course.


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