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The virtual classroom

Get started with any PC / MAC, tablet or mobile phone and headphones!

A live video conference connects you to all classmates and the teacher at the same time. Everyone hears and sees everyone through simultaneously open windows. In addition to the current conference, there is the whiteboard (the board) on which everyone can write. Sharing files (distributing teaching material or booklets), sharing the screen, reporting, everything is possible, the whole thing is great fun and exciting.
The course of a lesson.

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Participate from anywhere

Flexible & free & time-saving

If the distance and the effort to reach a stationary language school to take a double lesson of German is no longer justifiable, our video conference course offers itself. There is no more time or money lost due to arrival and departure. Even in some home countries with less infrastructure, this can be a huge advantage if you can prepare professionally from home and no longer have to travel to the next big city or make other compromises.

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We pay attention to absolute quality made in Germany

Native, ausgebildete Sprachlehrer und Lehrmaterial (GER) von deutschem Verlag

We only work with native, trained language teachers with experience in language teaching.
Classes are held in small exclusive groups.
The teaching material comes from a German publisher and the lessons follow the
GeR guidelines .

Die Absolventen

Complete with certificate

Language certificate / language diploma

Get the degree - all certificates from A1.1 to C2
Everyone can graduate from us and get their language certificate from our German language school after 96 units have been completed - at no additional cost. With a test and a certification of the teacher with proof of individual hours. We follow the GeR guidelines, just as the German lessons and the certificate from examination centers such as the Goethe-Institut, telc GmbH or TestDaF follow the GeR guidelines.
  Details about our certificate

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...and the price ?

This is the nice thing :)

With this quality, our prices are simply unbeatable.
We offer all the services of a German language school without compromise.
For example, an A, B or C course with 24 lessons per month costs from 49.90 euros in (incl. Discount and discount). This corresponds to a price of EUR 2.07 per lesson

Even if you need a language certificate from another provider, such as the Goethe Institute, you can save a lot of money with us.
Here's how

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Flexible language course times

Flexible language course times

Language students can choose whether they prefer to choose the morning or afternoon course on the course days and can better integrate language teaching into their daily routine.
Even if a student from another time zone takes part, he can choose the better time.

We don't have school or summer holidays either, our language school is always open except for Christmas and New Year's. 
Here are the start times of the courses

Image by Shayantan Chanda

Flexible learning pace and hours per day, week and month

Determine your learning pace yourself according to your schedule

Normal: 2 teaching units (1.5 h) per day / 6 units per week / 24 units per month
Intensive / double:
4 TU (3 h) perday / 12 TU per week / 48 TU per month
Triple :
6 TU (4.5 h) per day / 18 TU per week / 72 TU per month
Language student *: 8 TU (6 h) per day / 24 TU (18 h) per week / 96 TU (72) per month
Per day means: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
The more hours, the faster you can reach the next language level.
* Attending such a course enables a visa> 90 days (1 year)

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Language courses for all goals

Trial lesson - trial course - monthly training - or a complete course

Take a language course for your individual goals of further developing your language skills
on a monthly basis with 24 lessons per month or
take an entire, complete, completed course to reach the next language level. From A1 - C2 with diploma and a total of 96 lessons - duration 4 (or 2) months.
For example for visas or other requirements for au pairs, FJS, studies, training, work.

Click here for our language courses


Customer friendly conditions

Flexible course participation

We have no automatic renewals or hidden subscriptions.
You will only receive what you have ordered yourself and actively.
The change of a course participant, a break or similar are no problem and are handled in a very customer-friendly manner.
Switching to another course level is also not a problem.

Happy Friends Lachen

WE MAKE MUCH MORE NEW FRIENDS CAPITAL is a language school for au pairs.

So every au pair is in the course with peers and like-minded people and this focuses the lessons and interests enormously and in a good direction.
After class, the classmates are also in contact with all other au pairs at ProAupairs24 via our member area and au pairs from the same region also meet privately. Au pairs from the same home country can also be found there.

Image by Owen Beard

Consistent teachers and classmates

Quality and chronology of teaching

In some online language schools worldwide, especially in the big ones, teachers and classmates change every day and at the next hour. We don't find that so good in terms of quality and chronology of the lessons and with us you are with almost 100 hours of courses, up to the exam, in a class and always with the same people. You can actively change the teacher / class yourself by changing the start time of your course. Otherwise you always stay in the same class.

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