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Price: from 65.45 per month 
for 24 lessons

Entire language course A1-C2 with diploma / certificate

Attend an entire language course at level A1-C2 and reach a new language level and complete with a diploma / certificate.

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598.80 euros / 49.90 euros per month

Successfully complete 2 - 3 whole language levels - long-term course 6/12 months

If you can plan 6 or 12 months to study, this is the course you should choose. You save money and complete 2 - 3 whole language levels - guaranteed!


from 14.90 euros per lesson

Private lesson private lessons

1 to 1 exclusively with the teacher alone in individual training. In exclusive private lessons, you can determine the content, schedule, time and everything else. Without a class, just yourself with the teacher.

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Price: from 49.90 per month
for 24 lessons

Train language over
1, 2 or 3 ... months

Learn and train a language and attend a language course for individual purposes, needs and goals of further education (A1-C2).

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Special price: 229.90 euros per month

Language students high-intensity course 18 hours (24 TU) / week (suitable for visa)

Power intensive course by
Schoolchildren who want to learn German very intensively are visited. Participation entitles them to a corresponding residence permit. It is possible to complete a whole language level with 96 - 144 teaching units in 4-6 weeks!

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from 149.00 euros

Special courses - ready for the exams of internationally recognized language certificates in 6 weeks

Preparatory courses such as: Start German A1 (duration approx. 6 weeks) or from A1 to B2 Pflege (duration approx. 6 months). For other language schools, placement with whole classes or for individual students.


Total course: 134.75 euros
- Payment in installments possible

Half language course - complete half a language level

Complete half (instead of a full) language level in this course,
like A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2 etc. Also possible with certificate+


Price: 39.90 euros including registration for 10 lessons

Trial course
10 lessons

Get to know our language courses and just take a look 10 hours of real language lessons and try our courses.


free / free

Trial lesson in your language level

Still not sure? Simply apply for an appointment for a free trial lesson. After that you will definitely be motivated to begin your course. The double lesson for testing can also be used to determine your language level.