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Long-term language course 2-3 language levels

Here you will find all information about this course


Course description:
Video conference online language course - live with the native teacher and classmates.
Including all teaching material
Course levels start: A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2, C1, C2

Total number of teaching hours in this course: 288 teaching units
A whole language level is completed for every 96-144 teaching units.

Class days: every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

at normal learning pace:
2 teaching units per day (1.5 hours) - 6 TU (4.5 hours) per week - 24 TU (18 hours) per month

at double / intensive learning pace:
4 teaching units per day (3 hours) - 12 TU (9 hours) per week - 48 TU (36 hours) per month

with triple learning pace:
6 teaching units per day (4.5 hours) - 18 TU (13.5 hours) per week - 72 TU (54 hours) per month

Here are the start times of the courses

Duration: 288 lessons

normal learning pace: 12 months
with double / intensive learning pace: 6 months
with triple learning pace: 4 months

Price / Cost:
Total price 598.80 euros
at normal learning pace : 49.90 euros / course month
If the learning pace is double / intensive: EUR 99.80 / course month
with triple learning pace : 149.70 euros / course month

Discount :
This price already includes all maximum discounts and vouchers.

Installment payment
Monthly payment in installments is possible.
Fee for installment payments: 4.50 euros for setting up the installment payment and 4.50 euros per installment (since the course has to be rescheduled after each installment).

Special feature of the long-term course:
Since the special price includes the total number of hours completed, a deposit of 99.80 euros is taken (only for installments), which is offset (credited) against the last installments of the course. If the course is canceled prematurely, this is possible, but the deposit will be forfeited.

Language certificates and exams:
At any time, preferably after a / each completed language level, you can take an exam with the teacher and you will receive the results as a language certificate + in a diploma.
This costs + 19.00 euros for each examination of a language level with certificate
if you register it directly with the course.
If you register afterwards (with a separate registration and invoice), it costs 29.00 euros.

The registration / registration fee for this course is 19.00 euros.

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We do not have any automatic renewals or subscriptions that you have not actively ordered.

If you have any questions, please register: Tel .: +49 69 348 744 14 or

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