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P R O A U P A I R S 2 4

Video conference language school with Service - & Au Pair volunteers, host families and au pair agencies

The origin story:

In the summer of 2019, the founder of PAP24 became aware of the au pair and volunteer being.
It gradually became clear that it is a very good and beautiful basic idea that can bring a lot to everyone involved.
On the one hand, young people from all over the world who have the opportunity or the potential to take a lot with them through a longer stay in Germany. Which can potentially change your future life significantly forever.

On the other hand, these programs and the attention of au_pairs and volunteers also focus on supporting old people (care for the elderly), sick people (nursing) and, for the most part, in the case of au-pairs, supporting families with childcare and light assistance in the household and everyday life. We experience the necessity with the host families every day in conversations and can sometimes perceive this purely acoustically in the background, during phone calls. This is particularly obvious if both parents are employed.
So it happened after that that

1. It was clear that communication and a good linguistic understanding between au pair and family is an important prerequisite for a good and successful time and cooperation.

2. It is a nice and satisfying task to be able to support the people involved on both sides in one area. It's a lot of fun and that's still the focus of PAP24 today. The calculations and prices of the language courses are therefore based on the approach "what can be paid for" and not "what should actually be paid for".

3. In the summer of 2019 there was hardly any noteworthy or really well functioning online language school apart from Lingoda,
who works with real teachers in all hours via live video conference. The online Goethe language course only contained a few hours with a real teacher and the rest was without and the course still cost 695.00 euros! Lingoda was also relatively difficult to pay for a normal au pair from a third country and the teacher changed every hour and was not native.

4. an online language course actually has massive, overwhelming advantages and is modern, flexible and simply cool, never full, available worldwide and at the push of a button, cheaper, faster and simply better and the future is.


So PAP24 got off to a flying start in the late summer of 2019 and everything started to be set up and, at the same time, hundreds of au pairs who wanted to go to Germany were given full-time support, both verbally and in writing, and in the entire preparation process.
Free of charge and only if you agree to visit the PAP24 language school whenever possible when someone is later in Germany and has found a family who can finance a language course.

This "apprenticeship" from PAP24 lasted 7 months (without a single cent in turnover) and no great effort was made to generate turnover. It was simply more important to first organize the business well and set it up in such a way that you can always improve and develop yourself as permanently as possible in the future.
Because it was already clear that it would be a long way, on which every possible improvement should be perceived.
Until at some point the definitely existing, sometimes quite romantic idea of ​​face-to-face teaching dissolves somewhat
and you recognize online lessons via video conference, with a real and always native teacher and a class with peers and like-minded people, at least in some cases, as a really sensible alternative and learn to appreciate the advantages.

Shortly after PAP24 came up with affordable prices for everyone for the first time,
the Corona Virus became known worldwide. Shortly afterwards all schools closed and PAP24 was able to help many families and au pairs who could not continue their language course and were bored at home.

PAP24 is not grateful for the corona virus, which also led to the fact that soon afterwards no au pairs were allowed to enter and thus PAP24 was also deprived of its foundation. But PAP24 is very grateful for the mostly very positive feedback to the free trial lessons and that many students like the lessons so much and PAP24 is grateful for the unexpectedly high rate of students who extend their lessons month after month and go through language level after language level .
This is despite the fact that some au pairs finance the training in whole or in part, which PAP24 has particular respect for.

PAP24 may have hoped for this satisfaction and loyalty from somewhere, but that it actually happens is praise and reward for PAP24 and the most important thing. It motivates PAP24 to stay on this path and not to make compromises.
Furthermore, PAP24 would like to pursue every wish and good suggestion of an au pair, a family or a placement and to realize them as possible.

Please always let us know what else we can do for you, we are interested and we look forward to every message from you!

Kind regards, from your language school PROAUPAIRS24

PS: The website of Proaupairs24 is not free from spelling mistakes, as the web designers are not teachers.
Instead of always having the teachers check the pages, we prefer to give every registered language student a free period if they report a spelling error on the website (with screenshot and marking) :)

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