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1. Questions before registering

Are all the lessons with a real German teacher?

At there is nothing else than lessons with a native, real German teacher and with your classmates, live in a video conference.

How many classmates study together in one class?

This varies depending on the language level, time and course. On average there are 8-10 classmates.

Is there any homework?

there is light homework.

Do I need books or do I have to buy something else?

All teaching materials such as books, audios and the like are included.
You can handle it on the device or print it out, it's a matter of taste.
The teaching materials are handed out to a registered student via the video conference application (Skype or Zoom). There are also specific additional materials for each lesson, these are sent in good time before the lesson.

What kind of device is needed for teaching? Does a cell phone work too?

Any device with a camera and microphone works.
The size is a matter of taste, in case of doubt the bigger, the better.
Many are used to a cell phone and it works.

3. Questions after registration

It has already been paid, when does the lesson start ?

This continues automatically:

1. It is waited until the payment has arrived on the bank account,so that the following steps (below) don't get mixed up

2. As soon as the payment has been received, the course management starts planning the course and synchronizes the lesson plans with the teachers.

3. After 1-2 working days you will receive the following by email

  • the payment confirmation
    (Invoice - below under "paid" is the amount that has been booked)
  • the start date (date / time)
  • the last day of the course
    (Except for payment in installments, the last paid course day is announced instead and the next installment should have arrived before or by then)
  • the exam dates (if there are any)
  • the teachers' contact details for accessing the classes via video conference

4. Questions as a student

If one want to change something on an ongoing course ...

If one want to change, e.g.

  • the start time
  • the language level
  • the pace of learning
this is generally possible.
Please send an email with the details to:

2. Questions about registration

When can I start the course / lessons?

  • A course usually starts a maximum of 1 week after payment has been received.
  • Before doing this, you first have to register for a course so that you can receive a registration and an invoice by email.

General info:

The courses are continuous, optimized for online learning and entry at any time.
The classic beginning and the classic end are only available in special courses (such as the A1 preparation course, for example). All normal courses run all year round and learning material is covered at one language level.

You get used to it immediately or very quickly. It is more universal, broad-based learning, instead of chronologically training the course of certain standard situations. As in all schools there are "heavier" and "easier" teachers and classes (classmates). You can change the language level or the teacher if you have the feeling that a course will be too easy or too difficult in the long term.

Which course should you choose? How much does it cost ? How do I register ?

If you are still unsure, do a free trial lesson first:
Sign up here

If you still want to test afterwards, take a trial course:
Sign up here

All other courses:

1. Registration
Euro 19.00 course fee (registration, support, integration, etc.)

2. Select a course type:

2.1 monthly course (just start and then see)
57.75 euros per 24 TU / month of course (with a 25% discount), then each additional
24 TU / month of course costs EUR 77.00.
Sign up here

2.2 half course / half language level such as A1.1 or A1.2 or A2.1 or A2.2 etc.
57.75 euros per 24 TU / month of course (with 25% discount only on the very first month), thereafter, each additional 24 TU / course month costs EUR 77.00
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2.3 whole course / whole language level
like A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 complete (A / B.1 & A / B.2).
This is the classic and most popular course.

2.3.1 Whole course format:

- compact
Basic version basic course 96 lessons (UE)

- expanded
more sustainable, with 120 (UE) teaching hours (minimum courses like Goethe/Telc set)

- complete
144 lessons (UE) and as the name suggests, you will take all of the teaching material through completely at your chosen language level-

65.45 euros per 24 TU / UE / units (with 15% discount on each 24 TU / course month).

Whole course "compact" with 96 units costs:
96 units : 24 units = 4 x 65.45 euros = 261.80 euros

register an entire course here
2.4 Long-term course
You reach 2-3 language levels guaranteed and at a special price

A total of 288 lessons:
- normal learning pace: duration 12 months, course month 49.90 euros
- intensive learning pace: duration 6 months, course month 99.80 euros

A deposit of 99.80 euros is made. If the course is terminated prematurely, it will unfortunately be lost (breaks or a transfer of the course possible).

There are 2 to 3 language levels, as this depends on the format of each language level (compact 96 TU, expanded 120 TU, complete 144 TU).
The complete format is recommended for long-term courses.

To register for a long-term course 2.5 Language student course
Language course with 18 hours (24 TU per week) and 72 hours (96 TU) per course month.

Participation in this course is a requirement or entitles you to apply for / issue a corresponding visa / visa for a residence permit / residence permit (> 90 days, usually 1 year) in Germany.
The required documents:
Registration, (down payment) confirmation and participation certificate can be issued after the deposit (registration fee and 1st monthly installment) and are included.

Special price: Euro 229.00 per course month
Registration for the language student course

The following selections are made in the registration forms for the above Queries asked for:

3. Select the learning pace:

Participate in a double lesson (2x 45 minutes = 1.5 hours) for 1 time per day of class (Tuesday to Thursday)
= 2 TU per day of class / 6 TU per week / 24 TU per course month

- intense
Participate in two double lessons (2 x 2 x 45 minutes = 3 hours) per class day
(Tuesday to Thursday) at 2 start times
= 4 TU per day of class / 12 TU per week / 48 TU per course month

- triple
Participate in three double lessons (3 x 2 x 45 minutes = 4.5 hours) per class day
(Tuesday to Thursday) at 3 start times
= 6 units per day / 18 units per week / 72 units per month of the course

- Language student
Participate in 4 double lessons (4 x 2 x 45 minutes = 6 hours) per class day
(Tuesday to Thursday) at 4 start times
= 8 TU per day / 24 TU per week / 96 TU per month of the course.
Attending such a course (language student is part of the requirements for obtaining a visa> 90 days (usually 1 year). Mostly only available in language levels A2, B1 and B2.
You can register this special learning pace and course here
Here you can find the start times for each day and language level(
(only the permanent start times are displayed, there are usually more).

Info on the costs depending on the learning pace:
The selected pace of learning does not affect the total price of a course.
Only the amount of the monthly installments (with payment in installments), since the total number of hours is always the same, but the total number of hours per month is different.

4th exam and language certificate + (yes or no)
You can take an exam with the teacher in 4 modules with points 100/100 at an entire language level and receive the results in a certificate.19.00 Euros when registering for a course, 29.00 Euros when registering separatelyand Euro 77.80 (incl. 10 TU) if you only take the exam but no other course.

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You can find all language courses here

A price list and price comparison page for the courses can be found here. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------

Certificate + and Goethe or other internationally recognized language certificates

The Goethe certificate or any other certificate that has international acceptance and validity cannot be taken online anywhere (exam). This is also not possible with the Goethe-Institut or another licensed partner itself.
So far, due to the regulations, this has only been possible at an inpatient language school or office that e.g. that offers Goethe or Telc certificate (with physical presence on site).
But: within Germany, e.g. For an apprenticeship, you normally don't need a Goethe or similar Certificate.
Because it counts that you are trained accordingly and a certificate is an indication
but you also have to prove this personally, which is mostly important.
The same applies to around half of all German embassies (or countries) worldwide and it depends on the applicant's country of origin whether our training there is sufficient and you do not need another certificate.
An exception (within Germany) is e.g. studying at a university in a course in German (TestDaf test required).
That means within Germany in the vast majority of cases the training (with us) is decisive and sufficient and natural,
that you have reached the required language level and have completed and mastered it with us.
To be on the safe side, you can always just ask the position, then that's clear.
Our exam & certificate + with the teacher is identical in terms of scheme, grading and everything else to the test of an internationally valid test. At the low cost price, it is a recommendable investment, also because you can find out, document and alternatively prove your level of knowledge according to the international audit standards.